Monday, September 26, 2016

Secret Passion Episode 39 Part 1 Now up!

Got a bit caught up with real life, but here's the next part of Secret Passion. Thanks for the continued feedback as well as the bday wishes:) 
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Second Half of Episode 38 Now Up!

Judging by the comments and pageviews I think most of you have read or perhaps more accurately, reread the last Secret Passion update and more than deserve the continuation:)

Thank you for the continued comments and feedback, it's always soooo nice to hear from regular readers as well as new ones! You all seriously make my day:)

I've gotten a few messages now about some chapters of Secret Passion missing screenshots and pictures. I have been working on trying to resolve the issue (caught up to Episode 10) and it should be all fixed in the next couple of weeks.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that Secret Passion is very clearly labeled as a mature story right from Episode 1. There is violence, language, and adult content although we try to make sure it's all done tastefully but realistically.

Without further ado...
Enjoy the conclusion of 

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Also I have no intention of disappearing again but since many of you asked to be kept up to date on things: I'll be on vacation for the next week or so for my birthday. That  means no laptop time. Don't worry, I'll be back soon;)

Leaving you all with a lot of action and drama and of course romance in this episode of SP.
Let me know what you think!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Secret Passion Episode 38 Pt 1 UP!

First, thanks everyone for the continued encouragement and support. I read through all of the comments and 
each one means so much to me:) 
Seeing so many familiar names was the best feeling!
Since many of you asked, Satina is doing fine and we've been in touch over the months, often discussing SP's future chapters.
Which brings to me the update...

I'm going to try something different this time. Instead of a crazy long chapter I'm posting part 1 of the chapter instead. This will make it less of a burden on me and I will hopefully be able to update more regularly. It'll also make some of you focus on details that you might have overlooked otherwise. Like I've said before, there are clues and links littered throughout this story.

So bad news: the update is not as long as previous chapters.
Good news: the next part is complete so once I get a sense that most of you have read it, I'll post the next block of the chapter.
More good news: this is a substantial & important part of the puzzle

Quick recap because it's been so long since the last Secret Passion update:
We ended the previous chapter (Episode 37) with Arnav struggling to come to terms with Anjali's sudden death (accident?/suicide?/murder?). He was battling the worst sort of guilt and in that state of grief decided that because all his loved ones end up dying, Khushi was better off without him. 
Of course he did come to his senses and wasn't able to carry out the divorce as planned. Khushi being the amazing person she is forgave him and when he declared he wanted to leave Delhi and go off somewhere just the two of them, she agreed without second thought.

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I'll try to post a new one soon.
For those active on IF please let others know about this update. I won't have a chance to update there anytime soon.

Happy reading!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I honestly don't know where to start this message to you all...

I honestly don't know where to start this message to you all... I have avoided this blog for months now. An hour ago, I was randomly reading the bollywood section on IF when I saw Barun's birthday thread. Of course I couldn't help but click it and out of sheer nostalgia I clicked after that on IPKKND forum. And then I saw this thread. Which I couldn't believe was there--with my name! I thought you'd all moved on by now to different writers and stories--there are so many! But maybe I was wrong...

I'm SO sorry for being gone for so veryyy long. Trust me, it was not my intention. 

Started off months back as me being upset and frustrated after yet another copying incident and harassing emails from the person who copied me. I've dealt with things like that unfortunately frequently as many of you are aware and I thought I'd gotten over it but this time it really crossed the line. I realized writing which had always been my stress buster, something i looked forward to, had morphed into something I dreaded. 

I LOVED writing about arhi (still do!), I LOVED the interaction with those who read my stuff, I knew you so many of you by name (still do!) but along the way my love for writing was steadily destroyed.

When I decided after my last update to take a break for a while and get away from all the stress, I thought I'd be away a few weeks. But somehow, combined with work, health issues, and a busy personal life, it became months.

I wish it hadn't been so. 

I posted a quick message about this on my Facebook page months ago but I should have posted it here and on my blog.

To all those who worried, sent me messages or tried to get in touch with me, thank you. It is only because of genuine readers/friends like you that I kept this blog up at all. So many times I debated deleting it all but I couldn't do that...never... And then it became so long that I wondered if continuing even mattered because surely most readers had moved on. But I see now I was wrong to assume that.

I hope some of those amazing readers/friends are still following me because guess what, my love of writing is something no harassing emails could destroyBig smile

I have been writing. Not as often as before but regularly. Not always on Arhi but on characters I love (the Raizadas forever being at the top of that list). I have every intention of finishing Secret Passion and making Fateful Love/Desert Heat/Shameless available to all those who want them. They have been edited many times from the rough drafts you all read, enhanced by your feedback, and with additional material. 

This will all take time given my busy schedule but it is something I look forward to. Till then, I plan to update Secret Passion for you all very soon. 


ps. 2 million views?!!! You all are <3